Bormio, Italy, is a popular town for cyclists as it has great access to the “big three” climbs of the area, the iconic Stelvio, Mortirolo, and Gavia Passes.

As you’d expect, Bormio thrives off of its popular cycling routes, it’s well-equipped with cycling-friendly hotels and places to stay.

We’ve sifted through some of the best, and picked our favourite Bormio bike hotels. They’re a mix of the hotels we’ve most enjoyed staying in, and those we’ve most wanted to stay in.

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Bormio accommodation: things to know before you book

One thing is for certain and that’s if you’re looking for a bike hotel, Bormio has options. With that being said, there are a few things to be aware of before you book your room.

Bormio’s location

Bormio is located on the slightly less famous side of Stelvio Pass. Regardless, it’s home to some of the best bike hotels in Italy and the location still offers access to some of the best cycling routes in the region. However you’ll have to ride or drive over the mountain to Prato if you want to actually ride the famous view of the hairpins.

If you want to ride both sides of the mountain in one day, this can be done one of two ways. You can either cycle up and over, then climb up via Prato, or you can ride the Stelvio-Umbrail pass loop.

Navigating Bormio

The Stelvio lies to the north of Bormio, and the start of the climb starts just outside of the town. But, regardless of where you stay, you won’t be far because Bormio is so small.

Bormio is a fairly small town and most of our accommodation options are within two kilometres from the town centre. As a point of reference, the main shopping street is Via Roma where you can find quaint shops and restaurants.

There are two main bike shops in town, namely ‘Spot-on Bormio Bike Shop’ and ‘Bormio Ski and Bike’. The first is located in the town centre, near the river, and the second is on the outskirts of the town. The latter has more services available and is well worth the slightly further drive to the start of the Stelvio climb, near the thermal baths.

The exact addresses of these bike shops are:

  • Spot-on Bormio Bike Shop – Via Monte Cristallo 9, Bormio
  • Bormio Ski and Bike – Via Stelvio 19,  Bormio

For more information, you can view our Stelvio Pass cycling guide.

Other Stelvio bike hotels not in Bormio

At the end of the day, we still think that booking a Bormio hotel is your best bet as it puts you on the right side of the mountain for cycling Mortiolo and Gavia.

However, if you’re in the region for a short while and want to pump your energy fully into the Stelvio cycling routes, then we’ve also provided some suggestions for accommodation in Prato below.

Remember to double-check accommodation bike storage arrangements (and any other services you need) before booking as policies often change.

5 best Bormio bike hotels (3 Star)

If you’re looking for a comfortable, cost-effective cycling hotel, Bormio has a large number of options. However, these are our top five Bormio bike hotels.

Hotel Funivia, Bormio

Funivia Hotel, Bormio, is probably the most well-known bike hotel in the area. It’s best known for its variety of bike services such as bike rental, maintenance and even a bike café where you can enjoy a cool Stelvio beer after hours on the road. It also offers various packages to cyclists.

The hotel is a stone’s throw away (or rather, 450 metres to be exact) from the bustling street of Via Roma, and a short 2 kilometres from the start of the cycling route. Although, you may not want to leave the comfortable spot which offers bicycle washes, overnight laundry, snacks for the tour and an equipped workshop.

  • Be aware: Hotel Funivia is pet-friendly, so keep this in mind if you’re not a fan of furry friends.
  • Best for: Cyclists who want all that they need in one central spot.

Hotel Nevada, Bormio

When staying at Hotel Nevada, you can expect “a warm welcome close to the slopes and best bike routes”. Just like Hotel Funivia, Hotel Nevada is located on the back of the mountain and boasts a nice garden with great views.

The hotel’s wooden, cosy decor provides the ingredients for a comfortable stay. Bicycles are stored in a special, covered room. The hotel even offers a cyclists’ special which includes a transport service, group tours, energy snacks, rentals and small repairs.

  • We love: The hotel is part of the guided tour ‘Stelvio Experience’ scheme.
  • Be aware: The repair facilities on site are only equipped for basic repairs.
  • Best for: Cyclists wanting to relax with an incredible view after a challenging day on the road.

Hotel Baita Dei Pini, Bormio

A great place to stay in Bormio, the Stelvio Pass starts a short 1,6 kilometres away from Hotel Baita Dei Pini. Perhaps the most notable benefit of staying at this humble hotel is the incredible food that they offer – including a breakfast for champions to start your riding day off on the right foot.

Hotel Baita Dei Pini has been a part of the Italy Bike Hotels Consortium since 2012, and specialise in offering the ultimate cycling holiday. The bike room is secure, and has a workstation for your convenience. If you need to rent a bike, then our preferred Spot-on Bormio Bike Shop is just 700 metres away.

  • We love: The conveniently central location.
  • Be aware: Although the hotel is listed as 4-star, we feel that the interior is 3-star.
  • Best for: Families on a cycling holiday, thanks to the fantastic family-sized rooms.

Meublè Cima Bianca Garni, Bormio

Loved in Bormio as a “corner of tranquillity”, Meublè Cima Bianca Garni is a fantastic Stelvio Pass hotel that is managed and run by an Italian family. This homeliness is transferred into the rooms which are cosy and comfortable, perfect to relax in after a great day cycling.

Although there is a bicycle room available, guests are welcome to bring their bikes into their own rooms. As a member of the Stelvio Experience, you can expect the same cycle-focused perks such as guided tours and technical support.

  • We love: The room’s balconies which offer incredible views of the mountains.
  • Be aware: The rooms are slightly small and while this makes them snug, it may not be your cup of tea if you want ample space.
  • Best for: Cyclists wanting to be close to the route, but in a quiet location.

Alpi & Golf Hotel, Bormio

Alpi & Golf Hotel is a favourite for both first-time visitors and returning guests. If you’re looking for cycling-centric accommodation in Bormio this is a bit of a hidden gem. The warm, wooden interior presents the hotel as a homey refuge after a tough day on the bike, but that’s not all.

The hotel has a choice of single rooms, double rooms and family rooms, making it the perfect choice for any type of cycling holiday.  Not only is Alpi & Golf Hotel part of the Stelvio Experience, but they also offer a reinforced breakfast, a safe space for your bike, and a toolbox on site.

  • We love: The warm and homey decor.
  • Be aware: Although only three kilometres from the start of the route, the hotel is still a touch further out than others.
  • Best for: Couples looking for a romantic, cycling getaway.

5 best Bormio bike hotels (4 Star)

The following 4-star hotels in Bormio give you that extra bit of comfort and are perfect for an additional touch of luxury.

La Genzianella Bormio, Bormio

La Genzianella Bormio is a family-run hotel and has been nurtured by the same name for three generations. Part of the Stelvio Experience, the hotel is perfectly located 2 kilometres from Italy’s Stelvio Pass. This makes it one of the most convenient bike hotels Italy has to offer.

You can choose between the basic bike package, or the bike plus package. The basic package offers daily laundry, maps, a sauna and a simple workshop. The bike plus package expands on these offerings to include guided tours, backpack deliveries en-route, and photographs.

This is the hotel we stayed at in Bormio. There are further details in our Stelvio guide here.

  • We love: Cyclists can order pasta for breakfast on request – what better way to carbo-load?
  • Be aware: La Genzianella is actually listed as a 3-star hotel, but we feel that it’s worthy of 4-stars.
  • Best for: Guests looking for a customisable experience that suits your budget.

Hotel Alù Mountain Design, Bormio

Hotel Alú, Bormio, is located just a couple of kilometres from the start of the cycling route. The beautiful hotel is not only well-designed, but it also offers all the perks needed for the ultimate sport and wellbeing holiday.

The hotel has 30 bedrooms and there’s also a house in the grounds that contains two two-bedroom apartments with kitchens; could be useful if you’re with family. The restaurant is well regarded and the hotel’s wellness facilities are probably some of the nicest in town.

The rack-lined bike room is fitted with security features such as a fitted alarm and video surveillance system. There’s a bike washing area and free laundry for cyclists.

  • We love: The gorgeous decor and delicious fragrance in the air.
  • Be aware: Like La Genzianella Bormio, this hotel is listed as 3-star, but the decor makes it worthy of 4-stars.
  • Best for: Cyclists who prioritise services related to well-being such as massages, a tub, sauna and Turkish baths (amongst others).

Eden Hotel, Bormio

Eden Hotel is a luxury hotel Bormio is proud of. If you’re not reliving your epic ride with your head on their comfortable pillows, then you can indulge in the hotel’s fantastic restaurant, or pamper yourself in the wellness room.

Guests of Eden Hotel also have access to a bike deposit which has a repair and washing station.

  • We love: The modern, yet comfortable, interior of the hotel.
  • Be aware: The rooms can get very warm during the summer seasons.
  • Best for: Guests wanting a variety of experiences and opportunities at their fingertips.

Rezia Hotel Bormio, Bormio

Extending back to 1954, Hotel Rezia has decades of experience in providing the ultimate experience for avid cyclists. Everything about the hotel is authentic and creates a nostalgic mood. From the classic Italian dishes in the hotel’s restaurant to the warm and welcoming rooms, guests are in for a treat!

The hotel offers bike storage which is both covered and secure. In addition, there is a workbench and basic equipment provided for bike maintenance. If you need a more complicated repair, then Bormio Ski and Bike is a short 300 metres away.

  • We love: The love and care that has nurtured the hotel since 1954.
  • Be aware: Special services, such as laundry, are available but only on request.
  • Best for: Those wanting to enjoy a Bormio summer on the popular cycle routes.

Sottovento Luxury Hospitality, Bormio

Sottovento is a Bormio resort located in the heart of the town, and a short distance from the start of the Stelvio cycling route. The hotel is both charming and refined, offering luxurious hospitality for both you and your bike.

The hotel offers a rich and healthy breakfast, a secure bike deposit, a mini maintenance centre and a sporting gift shop. At the end of the day, you can wind down at the hotel’s spa which is fully-kitted with a wealth of wellness treatments.

  • We love: The spacious suites that give you space to stretch out, relax and lay out your kit at the end of the day.
  • Be aware: The hotel’s café serves highly addictive pastries and cakes!
  • Best for: Cyclists wanting a wholesome experience with good food and relaxing spa treatments.

6 more ideas for where to stay to cycle the Stelvio

Want an apartment in Bormio or somewhere that’s not Bormio at all?!

One of the best parts about a Stelvio Pass cycling holiday is the wide choice of accommodation options available. From guest houses and apartments in Bormio to bike hotels and spots outside of the town.  Here are some more places for you to stay…

Bormio apartments/guest houses

There are options other than a bike hotel that are sometimes more comfortable or exclusive. Bormio, Italy, has some great apartments and guesthouses on offer.

Casa Sofia, Valdisotto

Casa Sofia combines hospitality, wellness and nature to give you a relaxing and homely place to stay for your cycling trip. The modern, self-catering apartments have aligned their services to cyclists, and offer a variety of bike services.

There is space to safely store your bike in the garage, a washing area, and a space dedicated to basic maintenance.  Casa Sofia is also a partner of the Stelvio Experience, and offers all of the expected perks that come with this title.

  • We love: The breathtaking views!
  • Be aware: Casa Sofia is in the vicinity of the pass, but located a little further away from the other recommended options.
  • Best for: Travellers who prefer a quiet, family-orientated environment.

Residence Pedranzini, Impianti di Bormio

Conveniently located in Bormio, and just over 2 kilometres from the start of the Stelvio Pass cycling route, the Residence Pedranzini apartments are the perfect spot to stay for a cycling weekend.

The beautiful building provides a basement dedicated to storing your bike, and has tools to help with small maintenance jobs. There is also a centralised laundry room (with drying facilities) so you can wash your gear for the next day.

  • We love: The set up of each room which includes a kitchen, beds, bathroom, WiFi and television.
  • Be aware: Although the apartments offer basic repair tools, any complex maintenance will require a visit to a professional bike shop.
  • Best for: Guests wanting a private setup, with everything that they need.

Hotels just outside Bormio

While Bormio is home to some incredible cycling accommodation options, there are some spectacular hotels just outside the town. Here are our top picks.

QC Terme Hotel Bagni Vecchi, Valdidentro

Although outside of Bormio, QC Terme Hotel Bagni Vecchi is still only a couple of kilometres from the start of the Stelvio climb. Each of the 36 rooms is beautifully designed, creating a charming and relaxing atmosphere.

The hotel is happy to organise bike rental for an additional charge. This makes it a great spot to both pump your adrenaline on the road and relax with a view.

  • We love: The nine natural hot springs and thermal pool area that offers spectacular views.
  • Be aware: Although the dinner options are great, they are not very diverse, so expect a similar meal each night.
  • Best for: Cyclists wanting to stay in a tranquil location with an exquisite view.

QC Terme Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi, Valdidentro

The luxury 5-star QC Terme Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi offers ultimate decadence and a fantastic place to unwind after your cycling tour. Between the gourmet food, rich decor and indulgent wellness experience, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable trip. The best part about this hotel? It’s a short few kilometres from the start of the Stelvio Pass!

In addition to offering bike rentals, the hotel also offers cycling excursions for cyclists visiting the region. There are also bike washing and storage services and a workshop where you can assemble your bike.

  • We love: The opportunity to relax in absolute luxury at the end of a hard day of riding.
  • Be aware: It’s so beautiful and opulent that you may never want to leave!
  • Best for: Cyclists with a few extra bucks to spend.

Bike hotels in/around Prato (good for cycling the Prato side of the Stelvio Pass)

If your focus is to cycle the Prato side of the mountain, then you may want to pick your accommodation in the area. Here are some of our top choices.

Aktiv & Wellnesshotel Zentral, Prato

Zentral is one of the top bike hotel options when staying in Prato. While the hotel offers special cycle tours, they also provide bike shuttles if you’re planning a tour of your own. Speaking of which, Zentral is located six kilometres from the start of the route.

The hotel works in partnership with the local bike shop, Sport Baldi. There is a washing area for bikes, and great snacks on offer. In fact, there’s very little that Zentral doesn’t offer when it comes to caring for your bike and cycling experience.

  • We love: The wide variety of cycling-related services on offer.
  • Be aware: Some of the rooms face a busy road and can be a little bit noisy at times.
  • Best for: Families looking for an active weekend away (there are children’s playgrounds and game rooms).

Residence-Garni Haus Tschenett, Prato

Cycle the seven kilometre warm up to the start of the Stelvio Pass from Haus Tschenett. The rustic-styled rooms boast unbelievable views of the surrounding landscape, and offer a great space to relax at the end of the day.

The hotel offers free bike rental to enjoy the surrounding routes, and a garden with incredible views. In addition, Haus Tschenett serves a fantastic breakfast that will keep you energised on your ride.

  • We love: The stunning natural views that surround the hotel.
  • Be aware: The surrounding town is very small, and has limited restaurants available.
  • Best for: Casual cyclists who want to explore the area in a saddle and don’t need much in terms of bike services.

Final thoughts

We have tons more tips on riding the Stelvio, Mortirolo and Gavia in our in-depth guide series, all linked from this guide.

These are for you if you want info on cycling the nearby Dolomites or hotels in the Dolomites.

For our pick of the best cycling hotels in Italy, this is for you.

And finally, a reminder that it’s a good idea to keep your eye on the Stelvio Pass climate patterns to help you pick the best time to visit.


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