Amongst cyclists, Riccione is famous; it’s the home of the cycling hotel concept.

As a result, there are tons of bike hotels in Riccione! The tricky part is not finding somewhere cycling friendly to stay in Riccione, but deciding which Riccione bike hotel will best meet your needs.

We’ve been to Riccione and have written this article to share our pick of the best bike hotels Riccione has to offer.

They’re a mix of the hotels we’ve most enjoyed staying in or most wanted to stay in.

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Why choose Riccione for your cycling holiday?

Riccione is a great destination for a cycling break. If you want to explore the Adriatic coast, it serves as the perfect base, thanks to its excellent bike hotels, restaurants and bars, and the beach being so easily accessible.

Don’t expect the coastline to be pristine and unspoiled; it’s not. However, inland is a different story, with rolling hills and historical hilltop towns such as San Marino (whose old town features in the banner photo above), Gradara and Urbino, which make attractive and popular coffee and lunch stops. Riccione is also a popular base during the famous annual Nove Colli gran fondo, and for training camps for cycling and other sports, including swimming.

Given its location in Emilia Romagna, the region’s beaches and renowned food are a draw for more casual cycling holidays. The mild climate and easy access to the airport in Bologna all help the decision process.

But for us, the main reasons cyclists consider a cycling holiday in Riccione are the bike hotels themselves, coupled with the excellent riding and “classic Italy” you find away from the coast.

Where to stay in Riccione?

One of the great things about Riccione is that it’s not a huge town, so location isn’t a major factor when deciding which hotel to stay at. Every bike hotel Riccione is home to is going to be close to amenities and will have easy access to local roads for your rides – the only real location element you might want to consider is the proximity to the beach.

So, when choosing where to stay, it’s more about deciding on the services offered by the particular hotel and the price point. As mentioned, you’ll find some of the best cycling hotels Italy can offer in the town, because Riccione essentially pioneered the concept. It’s here, in the ‘green pearl of the Adriatic’, where the best cycling hotels began, with amenities and facilities specifically tailored to people who want to enjoy a biking holiday.

If you search around, you’ll find there are more than seven bike hotels in Riccione, but these are the ones we think have the best facilities and reputation. Use the information we’ve provided to help you decide on which one is right for you.

Adriatic coastline near Riccione, Italy

Riccione’s coastline in summer

Types of accommodation available

Most of the accommodation options in Riccione are hotels, though there are some self-catered accommodation options too. If you’re travelling to Riccione though, it’s definitely worth considering the hotels that have cycling facilities, since they’re so useful.

Options such as the Dory Hotel offer the best of both worlds – a hotel experience, but with the option of mini flats that have a small kitchen area should you wish to prep your own food (though the hotel will cater to cyclist requests, including early breakfasts and packed lunches).

Facilities and services at the hotels

The hotels listed in this article all have a wide range of facilities available for guests who are looking for a cycling break. Examples of some of the services offered include:

  • Bike rental (including gravel bikes designed for the local roads)
  • Bike storage and repair workshops
  • Overnight laundry services
  • Tailored menus for cyclists
  • Guided bike rides (often with different difficulty levels)
  • Emergency recovery

Riccione cycling hotels: comparison table

Name Price Book

Hotel Augustus


£ Book here

Hotel Poker


££ Book here

Hotel Adlon


£££ Book here

Hotel Fedora


£ Book here

Hotel Dory


££ Book here

Hotel Sarti


££ Book here

Belvedere Bike Hotel


£££ Book here

Hotel Augustus

The Riccione Hotel Augustus is a three-star hotel with good facilities, including a small swimming pool on the terrace with amazing views. It’s comfortable and clean, with some nice touches including a small games room if you’re travelling with kids, a garden space to relax in, and a small gym.

In terms of cycling facilities, they’re a little more limited compared to some other hotels – but this is a budget-friendly option. Bike rental is available, while there is a garage for storing your bikes too. It’s 300 metres from the hotel, and is covered by CCTV. Continental breakfast is available each day.

  • We love: The views from the pool, and the price of the hotel.
  • Be aware: The facilities are limited and all quite small – the gym only has a handful of machines, for example.
  • Best for: A low-cost cycling break without all the bells and whistles of a bigger hotel.

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Hotel Poker

Another fantastic option, the Hotel Poker is a three-star superior hotel in the centre of Riccione, with easy access to the beach. It’s designed as a hotel for everybody, and offers special packages for families who want to explore nearby theme parks, swimming camps, and of course cyclists who want to explore the region.

The hotel’s really passionate about welcome cycling guests, and offers a range of facilities. This includes storage for up to 90 bikes, a free laundry service, a workshop and a wash zone for bikes, free transfers from nearby Rimini Airport, five guided cycling tours each week, and a free rescue service within 10km. Rental is available through the hotel, and special menus are offered as well.

  • We love: The wide-ranging dining options, from high-energy breakfasts to wine-tasting events.
  • Be aware: Due to the broad appeal, the hotel can be very busy during peak season.
  • Best for: Convenience of cycling facilities and great Italian food.

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The coastline of Riccione and Emilia Romagne cycling paradise

The popular Adriatic coast in summer

Hotel Adlon

The Hotel Adlon is a modern three-star hotel with contemporary facilities and amenities, and staff that are passionate about providing an excellent stay, The hotel has its own sea-view restaurant, while there are a selection of spacious rooms and suites to choose from. The hotel welcomes families too and has a varied entertainment program, so the atmosphere is always lively.

It’s great for cyclists – indeed, former champions such as Eddy Merckx and teams including Team Sky and Neri-Selle Italia-KTM have used the hotel as a base for events and training camps. Guests are greeted (in four languages) with a run-down of the tours for the week at different challenge levels (named after coffees – Espresso being the most intense!). Bike rental, repairs, prepared meals, laundry services and shuttle services are all offered.

  • We love: The welcoming hosts, who are clearly passionate about cycling.
  • Be aware: Depending on the season, prices can be quite high for a three-star hotel.
  • Best for: Enjoying an action-packed cycling break, no matter your ability level.

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Night shot of Gradara in Emilia Romagna, Italy

Town of Gradara is within easy cycling distance of the Riccione coast

The Hotel Fedora

The Hotel Fedora offers comfortable three-star accommodation in a fantastic location, right by the beach and local amenities. It’s quite small, and definitely aimed at the more budget-conscious guest, but it still has some great facilities, including three small outdoor pools that are heated during summer months.

Bike rental is available, but the rest of the cycling facilities on-site are a little more limited. But the hotel makes up for it with the human service offered, including three passionate cycling guides who run tours throughout the week. The hotel has a partner gym opposite that guests can use, and massages are available for recovery.

  • We love: The friendly guides at the hotel who clearly love cycling.
  • Be aware: While rooms are comfy, the decor is basic and, some might say, a little dated.
  • Best for: A more back-to-basics cycling break.

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Fano, Pesaro, Marche, Italy. Palazzo del Podesta and Statua della Fortuna

Pesaro is just down the coast from Riccione

Hotel Dory

Choose the Hotel Dory if you want a modern, four-star escape with the choice of either typical hotel rooms or mini flats that have their own kitchenette – ideal for prepping your own packed lunches or breakfasts for an early start. Rooms are all pleasant and relaxing and the staff are very welcoming and helpful to all guests.

The hotel houses the largest Scott bike rental centre in the country, so you won’t have any issues picking up a bike to use, and the in-house mechanic will help keep it in tip-top shape. There’s a storage room you can use with a washing area, while you can request packed lunches if you don’t want to make your own. The hotel offers guided tours, and has minibuses available should you need an emergency pickup.

  • We love: The warm welcome offered to cyclists and the excellent rental options.
  • Be aware: The mechanic on-site only works a limited schedule.
  • Best for: Anyone who wants a lot of on-site help for their cycling trip.

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The gorgeous town of Urbino, near Riccione

Hotel Dory cycling tours visit places like this, Urbino, from their Riccione base

Hotel Sarti

The Hotel Sarti is a four-star property with a contemporary style throughout. It has some excellent facilities for all guests, including its own Da Lucia restaurant, which serves traditional Romagna cuisine. There’s also a spa, which includes a sauna and steam room, jacuzzi, and a massage room with various treatments.

The cycling provisions are extensive. Bike rental is available along with bike storage, and there’s a maintenance area with tools for basic repairs. While the hotel doesn’t run tours, it can provide maps, and there’s a laundry service for your gear. Emergency recovery is available too with the hotel’s own minibus. There’s a varied buffet breakfast served, along with a fantastic post-training lunch buffet in the mid-afternoon, offering pastas, Italian meats, cheeses, fruits, homemade cakes and more.

  • We love: The great food, including themed dinners each week.
  • Be aware: Free child places are available if you’re a cycling family.
  • Best for: Cyclists of all levels, including families on a more relaxed biking break.

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Sun and beach near Riccione, Italy

Riccione is a good base for those that love the beach and cycling in unspoiled countryside inland

Belvedere Bike Hotel

The Belvedere Bike Hotel is a beautiful hotel, offering four-star accommodation just across from the beach – the location really is excellent. It’s got a pleasant, contemporary feel and the bedrooms are well appointed, making them ideal for relaxing after a long day’s riding. The luxury spa helps with that too!

It offers extensive cycling facilities as well, including secure bike storage, a small workshop space, free overnight laundry and a cleaning area. At the workshop, there’s a technician who can help for free if you’ve rented your bike from the hotel, plus there are up to five guided tours each day of varying difficulties, and high-energy breakfasts and packed lunches are available.

  • We love: Just how much thought has been put into the cycling facilities/amenities.
  • Be aware: You have to store you bike in the storage area – not your room.
  • Best for: Anyone who wants complete convenience for their biking holiday, with the beach close at hand.

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Final thoughts

Honestly, the range of Riccione biking hotels really is excellent. We know it’s difficult to choose because there are so many good options! But hopefully this guide has made it a little easier for you.

But if you have your own recommendations, we’d love to hear those as well.

Make sure you check out our guide to cycling in Italy too, so you can learn more about the Adriatic coast (along with other popular regions with great Italy bike hotels).

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