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We are an award-winning website that inspires cyclists to visit new places through firsthand accounts of incredible rides and stunning photography. We give them all the information they need to book a trip including top picks for bike-friendly accommodation, practical tips, plus what to do when they’re not cycling.

Epic Road Rides sees travel, holidays and vacations from a cyclist’s perspective. We help our readers get under the skin of places they visit. We  take the hard work out of planning cycling holidays and discovering new destinations by bike.

We are all about high quality, individual, one-off experiences.

We also share our thoughts on the best cycling products and services that will help our readers get the most from a trip.

You might also find the “Epic Road Rides does things differently” section of our About us page helpful.

Who runs Epic Road Rides?

Epic Road Rides is run by Clare Dewey and a small team of keen cyclists.

Clare was voted BikeBiz Woman of the Year 2020. There’s more information on Clare under the “It’s all about finding YOUR epic road ride” section of our About us page.

Who are our readers and how do they find us?

Our readers are passionate road cyclists that want to ride their bikes on holiday.

Most of our readers find us via organic Google search, where our articles are consistently in the top few spots for the words cyclists use when researching their trips. They also find us via social media and word of mouth.

Once readers have found us, they often sign up to our popular email newsletter, which allows us to share new content and new clients with them via their inbox.

Media pack

Our media pack contains all the detailed demographic information you’ll need. Get in touch and we’ll send it over. Prices start from £120 for a paid feature within existing content.

Our cycling marketing services

Epic Road Rides’s audience are passionate road cyclists who are knowledgeable about their sport and love to travel. They rely on us for information that they use to plan their precious time on the bike.

That means we won’t work with a brand unless we believe in it. Our best friend rule is paramount: we only share what we’d share with our best cycling buddy. We want to be our readers’ trusted adviser. We always reserve the right to write what we want for our website.

As you will appreciate, we are very careful about which brands we work with. However, if we like what you do, we would love the opportunity to tell our readers about your brand in a positive, meaningful way that produces a real benefit to them and to you.

Examples of how we can help

1. Promote your destination

Do you work for a tourist board or destination management organisation that wants to encourage cyclists to visit?

We promise that if you show us your destination then we’ll build a cycling campaign that shows it to the cycling world.

We’ll do this by creating high quality, Google-search optimised articles about cycling in your destination. For example in-depth destination guides and cycle route guides as well as cycling event guides and articles on everything from the best climbs to the best family cycle trails.

Whatever we write, we make it the best there is – and we’ll do our utmost to ensure it’s seen by cyclists researching their trips on our site and on Google.

We’ll also put our heart into promoting it via our social media channels and engaged email list.
Social media post promoting destination

2. Promote your service

Do you work for or run a business that cyclists need to know about? Perhaps a cycling holiday/tour company, bike shop or cycling-friendly accommodation?

You’ve created your service – now it’s time to tell the cycling world about it!

Let us share your service with our community of passionate cyclists. Whether you want to advertise in one of our top ranking articles, get featured in an email newsletter or showcase your knowledge via a new article that demonstrates your expertise, we would love to help.

Let us create a marketing campaign that uses our SEO expertise and makes the most of our strong social media and email channels, so we can give your service the exposure it needs.

Example promotion in Epic Road Rides

3. Promote your product

Do you sell something you think our audience would love to know about?

Get in touch and let’s discuss how we can help you get the word out about it – whether it’s via an article, our gift lists, email newsletter, shop or our top-ranking articles.
Email newsletter promoting cycling kit
To get more details and a copy of our media pack, just email Clare at Get in touch today!

What you’ll get from a campaign with us

We have worked with some of Europe’s leading cycling brands, including Stolen Goat, Sports Tours International, Rat Race, Cyclomundo and (more details below). We would love to use our expertise to bring exposure to your brand.


Working with us brings the following benefits:


Epic Road Rides has an engaged readership of enthusiastic cyclists with high disposable income, so you know you’re reaching a very specific group of people.

We can partner with you to familiarise our readers with your brand.

Our content is varied (written articles, social media coverage, route maps, photography, video) and flexible (both in length and type). This helps ensure full coverage for your brand and allows us to tailor it to your needs.

Our content is also full of keywords that Google loves: great news for ongoing exposure via Google.

Our website has very visible sections on where to ride, how to plan and what to pack. This makes content very easy for readers to see and access as it is not buried in a blog feed.

We will help your destination/brand be top of our readers’ minds.


People that engage with Epic Road Rides trust us because we give them what they want: detailed, first-hand experiences that get beneath the surface of routes, places to stay and cycling holidays. Cyclists tell us that they often plan their travel, accommodation and activities having read what we have to say.


The quality of information Epic Road Rides provides sets us apart from our competitors and makes us the first port of call for our loyal readership. It is therefore vital to us that our articles, photos and videos are consistently excellent. If we work with you, we will apply our high standards and attention to detail to seek the best results in both what we produce and how we go about it.


We have a professional services background. This means meeting deadlines and providing a first class service is ingrained in Epic Road Rides’ ethos. We understand how companies work and what you need from us.

Return on investment

If you invest in our services, you’ll get real benefits.

We deliver practical and useful campaign reports that highlight the key performance indicators you care about.

Epic Road Rides will always work with you to understand your requirements and will be honest and upfront in terms of what we think we can achieve for you. Our aim is always to exceed expectations. To date, we have always delivered on that.

Our clients

Below you’ll find a selection of our current clients. Click on their logo and you’ll be taken to one of the content marketing campaigns we’ve worked with them on.

stolen goat
Sports Tours International
Visit Portugal logo
Costa daurada
Pedal Britain logo
Kudos Cycling logo
Roadbike holidays logo
Cyclomundo cycling tours france and geneva
Bike Weekender logo
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