• Distance 8 km
  • Elevation gain 430m
  • Difficulty
  • Epic rating

The Coll de Sa Batalla climb is a popular one. It’s not as famous as the Sa Calobra/Formentor/Soller crowd, but it’s a beauty, with sweeping switchbacks, pine forest, and far-reaching views.

It starts in Caimari and at just under 8km and an average gradient around 5%, it’s pretty accessible as it never feels too steep. It’s a great choice for someone who hasn’t got much experience of riding Mallorca’s mountain roads or who just wants a less aggressive climb than some in the Serra Tramuntana.

Part of the Coll Sa Batalla’s popularity also stems from the fact it’s a good access point into the heart of the Serra Tramuntana. At the top of the Pass you’re at Lluc and from there the possibilities are endless (the map in this guide will help you)!

We like to combine the climb as part of this great loop ride from Pollença.

All metrics in this article are approximate.

Coll de Sa Batalla, Mallorca: highlights

Our favourite section is near the top. Once you’re out of the trees, you get far-reaching views over the plains below. You then pass through stunning sheer rock walls before the last push to the summit.

Route notes

1. Caimari and the forest switchbacks: 0-4km

You climb out of Caimari and the first part of the ride is through forest, with switchback after switchback. Gradients never feel painful and you can get into a good rhythm.

2. Views and craggy rocks: 4-6km

After two switchbacks in quite a close succession and a bend to the right, you come through the treeline and get stunning views across the valley. At the same time, the gradient reduces so you can take it all in.

There’s a short descent; you pass through 10 metre high walls of rock and then it’s the final stretch to the top.

3. Sweeping bends to the Coll de sa Batalla summit: 6-8km

The last couple of kilometres are full of 180 degree bends through craggy rock scenery, as you snake up to the final right-hand bend.

Take a well-deserved break at the famous Repsol service station and excellent café next door.

Café stops

There’s nowhere notable to stop en route, but there are great cafés in Camairi and at the top of the climb. Read our post on Mallorca’s cafés (for cyclists) and you’ll see three cafés on/near the Col de Sa Batalla get write ups!

  • Sa Tafona, on the outskirts of Caimari (on the left as you head up Coll de Sa Batalla, Carretera Lluc, Km. 6, 07314 Caimari)
  • Sa Ruta Verda, in Caimari (62 Nuestra Senora de Lluc, 07314 Caimari)
  • Coll de Sa Bataia café, next to the Repsol garage at the top of the Sa Batalla climb


We rode Coll de Sa Batalla from Hotel Illa d’Or in Port de Pollença. It’s an attractive, historic hotel, on the Pine Walk fronting the pretty bay. It’s a good choice for both cyclists and non-cyclists, and we’d certainly stay again.

Not right for you?

Our best towns for cyclists article should help you narrow down the best town for you.

You can also take a look at more of our accommodation suggestions in our ultimate guide to Mallorca for cyclists.

Tips for the Sa Batalla cycling climb

We had read that head winds are common, but didn’t experience them ourselves.

In the summer months start early to avoid the worst of the traffic.

Bear in mind our tips for cycling in Mallorca.

If you’re looking to incorporate this climb into a longer Mallorca bike route, try this loop from Port de Pollença (or Pollença). It’s a classic.

Interested in the Coll de Sa Batalla Strava segment? 

  • At the time of writing, the King of the Mountains time on Strava is 16:33.
  • The ascent has got a rather impressive Strava leaderboard. Team Sky rider David Lopez only scrapes in at number 11 on the ascent and former World Champion, Michal Kwiatkowski, is number 36.
  • On Strava, use this segment: Coll de sa Batalla (official, from sign to the top)

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