Epic Road Rides’ relationship with Stolen Goat cycling clothing began in a rather unlikely way.

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I was milling around the stalls at the sunny start of the Tour of Cambridgeshire, accosting random people to tell them about Epic Road Rides. Unwittingly, one of the groups I stopped included Andy Gorman, customer relations manager at Stolen Goat.

We started chatting and it turns out that Epic Road Rides and Stolen Goat have a lot in common.

Stolen Goat: on a mission

Like Epic Road Rides, Stolen Goat is relatively new, started in 2012 by Tim Bland with the ethos “Work less, adventure more”.  What’s not to like?!

Stolen Goat is also based in the UK. Its HQ is in Surrey and it’s here that all its products are designed.

Stolen Goat want to provide everyday cyclists a bespoke collection of awesome products to help them get out and enjoy their time on the bike. They want to to encourage people to embrace life and their mission statement is to “inspire you to find freedom through sport so that you can live a happier, healthier life”.

Over the years I’ve got to know all of the company’s small team, and they actually appear to live the company’s ethos – as well as being genuinely nice. It all tallies with Stolen Goat’s reputation for top notch customer service.

Putting Stolen Goat’s kit through its paces

Andy offered to send us some kit to trial and we took it on our jaunt to northern Italy. In 30°C plus temperatures, we put it through its paces with tough days in searing heat around famous passes such as the Passo Stelvio, Sella, Fedaia, Mortirolo and Gavia.

One of the things we instantly loved was how stylishly different Stolen Goat’s designs are. We think it looks great – take a look at our Instagram feed and form your own opinion!

But how did it perform?

Stolen Goat cycling clothing reviews

We’ve written a detailed review of each item of clothing we tried.

Though we were given the kit, this has not influenced our reviews: we’ll tell you the things we loved and the things to be aware of too.

Stolen Goat short sleeve cycling jersey review

Stolen Goat climbers jersey

Stolen Goat bib shorts

Stolen Goat gloves

Stolen Goat cap

Stolen Goat socks

Stolen Goat custom kit

What do you think of Stolen Goat kit?

You can find out more about Stolen Goat, here.

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