We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Stolen Goat cycling clothing.

We love Stolen Goat’s products and ethos and are excited to share them with you.

You may be wondering how this new relationship will manifest itself: is Epic Road Rides going to become covered in ads and spam?! The answer is a resounding “no” and we hope the information below puts your mind at ease.

Drop us a line if you have any queries!

How did you get to know Stolen Goat?

Our relationship with Stolen Goat began back in June 2018, when we met Andy, Stolen Goat’s operations manager, in a chance encounter at the Tour of Cambridgeshire (more on that here).

They gave us some of their kit to try on our trip to Italy in summer 2018 and it went from there.

Why Stolen Goat?

We love what Stolen Goat is all about: getting out on the bike, making the most of life and adventuring more. It totally reflects Epic Road Rides’ ethos of sharing the world’s best rides and making it easier for people to ride in new places.

We love Stolen Goat’s dedication to selling classy kit that feels superb to wear yet doesn’t take itself too seriously. The designs are bold, they’re fun and they’re different to the usual stuff on the market.

The icing on the cake has been getting to know Tim (CEO), Andy (Operations) and Rob (Marketing). You couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch of people to work with.​

What does Epic Road Rides get from this?

One of our core values at Epic Road Rides is honesty and reliability. So we want to be open about the fact that in return for promoting Stolen Goat, we’ll receive money and kit from them.

What does Stolen Goat get from this?

We will feature Stolen Goat, for example:

  • Stolen Goat will unobtrusively appear in some of the destination and ride guides we write: cyclists in the photos will wear Stolen Goat kit, there’ll be links to buy stolen kit at the bottom of the guides and Stolen Goat’s logo at the top of the guide. 
  • We will include photos of cyclists in their kit in some of our photographs for social media. 
  • We will support their product launches and events in ways that are useful for our audience.
  • Stolen Goat will create genuinely useful apparel-related content for our website.

How is this good for Epic Road Rides’ audience?

The detailed guides we write take a lot of time and money to deliver. Stolen Goat’s support allows us to continue to create content that’s free for you to use.

Our relationship with Stolen Goat is all about quality; so you won’t find ads all over the place or hard sales, just useful information that also raises awareness of Stolen Goat’s products.

If you decide you like Stolen Goat, you’ll get to hear about new product ranges and benefit from our special discount code (talking of which, you should sign up to our newsletter so you hear about these – see the sign up box below!).

What next?

We’re really excited to be working with Stolen Goat and can’t wait to get going!

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What do you think?

Let us know what you think of our new partnership with Stolen Goat – comment below!

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4 Responses to “Epic Road Rides: Partnership with Stolen Goat”

  1. I discovered Stolen Goat kit a couple of years ago – one of the comfiest bib shorts ever – and now swear by my Quint Climb & Conquer Jersey. And I discovered your website last summer, just after a regular annual trip to Costa Blanca area, where I was pleased to have discovered the same roads that you rave about. Seems like a perfect match.

    • Yes we’re in love with the Climb and Conquer jackets too – they are just so comfy and the designs are amazing aren’t they?! Which bib shorts do you wear? So glad to hear you like the site too – feel free to tell your friends 😉😀 Lots more amazing cycling destinations coming up, so do stay in touch! Thanks for commenting and happy riding!

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