As a new product for 2020, Stolen Goat have launched a climbers jersey, in both male and female specific cuts.

These road cycling jerseys are similar to Stolen Goat’s bodyline jerseys (which we reviewed here), but there are some significant differences.

In this article I explain those differences and my experience of wearing the climbers jersey.

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This article includes details of Stolen Goat kit. As you know, we’re big fans. We may also include details of other products and/or services that we have used ourselves or which we would consider.  If you click on a link and buy something or make a booking, we may earn a commission. Please read our disclosure policy for further information.

Stolen Goat gave me this jersey to try – more details of how that came about, here – but the opinions you’ll read here are honest and my own.

Looking for custom kit? Speak to our friends at Stolen Goat! More info on their custom service.

  1. 1. Features

Stolen Goat’s climbers cycling jersey is designed to be more of a summer cycling jersey for riding in hot weather/up mountains, compared with their bodyline jerseys.

In light of current coronavirus restrictions, and the fact many of us are spending more time riding indoors, it’s also worth mentioning that the lightweight material of the climbers jersey also makes it perfect for use on the turbo…

2. Stolen Goat’s climbers jersey v bodyline jersey

When I compare the climbers jersey with the regular Stolen Goat jerseys, I’ve noticed that the climbers jersey has a few key differences:

  • shorter collar
  • lighter, super breathable material
  • tighter and more supportive, aero fit
  • three pockets instead of four
stolen goat cycling climbers jersey from behindStolen Goat’s climbers jersey (Atom)
Short collar on the Stolen Goat climbers summer cycling jerseyA short collar, similar to that found on time trial suits
stolen goat climbers jersey perfect summer cycling jerseyLightweight material on the Stolen Goat climbers jersey

3. Road testing

Stolen Goat kindly gave me a black Atom edition climbers jersey and we put it to the test – not as planned on a trip to the Sierra Nevada (thank you coronavirus), but on a long, hilly UK ride in early 20 degree temperatures.

Quality and fit

My first impressions, in line with all of the Stolen Goat cycling clothing range, is that the climbers jersey is a quality garment.

It is extremely light weight and cut in a modern, figure-hugging style. It’s clearly a race fit cut and I did wonder whether the medium size was going to fit (I am 183 cms and 77 kgs) but it was fine, even with a thin base layer underneath.

It may be useful to note that I am also usually a medium in Stolen Goat’s bodyline cycling jerseys – but in the bodyline cut, medium feels significantly more roomy.

The neckline is a lower cut than normal and is similar to the ones you see nowadays on time trial suits.

Practical details

I found that the pockets at the back of the jersey are slightly deeper than other brands which I found useful for my phone and energy bars. I had no concern about them slipping out.

If you’re a fan of the fourth water resistant zipped pocket in the bodyline jerseys, note that this doesn’t feature on the climbers jersey.

I rode for around three hours, with just over 1,000 metres of elevation in the spring sun and I can honestly say I didn’t over heat. The jersey was very comfortable to wear and fitted like a second skin.

The garment is advertised as breathable and I have no reason to doubt that. In fact, since the material does feel quite lightweight and I notice it wasn’t being marketed as UV protected, I wondered whether it might be necessary to wear sunscreen under it if I was riding somewhere very sunny. As I wasn’t sure, I checked that with Stolen Goat who tell me that in fact the main body has an SPF equivalent of around 40-50 and the collar and sides (which are in a lighter material) are around SPF 20-30. Not bad for a light jersey!

Stolen Goat finish their products well and the amusingly named ‘zip garage’ (that did make me smile too!) to stop neckline chafing was thoroughly effective!

4. Conclusion

I’ve got my eye on the white Climbers Victory jersey, which I think I’m going to order shortly. I have no doubt they’re going to fly off the shelves this summer, as they’re perfect hot weather cycling jerseys, and I don’t want to miss out!

Another winner from Stolen Goat who have a real knack for combining beautifully designed, top quality kit at a very competitive price point.

Is this the best summer cycling jersey on the market?

We think it could be, and with Stolen Goat’s recent swathe of accolades (did you see them win the London Bike Show/Cycling UK Award for best women’s cycling brand?), we wouldn’t be surprised if this stolen goat cycling jersey was in for a few awards too…

Let us know your thoughts!

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