If you live in or around South West London then, like us, you probably spend a lot of time cycling out of London. (For cycling cafes in London, read this article.)

On such rides, it’s nice to have a destination point in the form of a cycling café you know will happily serve you up a well crafted coffee and a good slab of cake in a nice environment.

To save you the disappointment of a weekend ride marred by a poorly poured latte, and in the spirit of opening up the many and glorious destinations around London, we have put on our thinking caps, weighed up our years of serious coffee and cake sampling and pulled together this list of our favourite cycling coffee stops.

Sshhh: secret cycling café gems

We did wonder if we really wanted to share the cycling cafés we love so much – after all we don’t want them to get overrun or to start hiking prices! But, true to Epic Road Rides’ spirit of sharing and celebrating the best of the best, we’ve decided to take that risk!


Be prepared to revolutionise your bike rides

Below you’ll find our totally personal and subjective take on the absolute best cycling cafés accessible from South West London (though we did try to use some criteria – see below!).

Also, just to be clear, no café has paid or given us anything to appear in this guide.

Be prepared for an eclectic bunch that take you well away from the usual cycling cafés that always come up. From cafés on farms, above boat houses and beside airports – you’re in for a treat.



Please check for temporary closures and opening times before planning your ride around a particular café being open!


Cycling café ride destinations


Find all of our recommendations for the best cycling cafés in each area by clicking through to the regions below.

Each guide shares our top picks. You’ll find everything from practical details (like the opening hours and bike parking arrangements) to the interesting stuff, like décor, coffee and the best choices on the menu.

1.  Hampton Court, Esher and Cobham (for shorter rides)

  • Dish, Hampton Court
  • Giro, Esher
  • The Medicine Garden Café, Cobham
  • Eight on the River, East Molesey

2. Woking and surrounds

  • Beggar’s Banquet, Old Woking
  • The Hanger Café, Chobham
  • Pinnock’s Coffee House, Ripley


3. Windsor, Henley, Marlow

  • The Cinnamon Café, Windsor
  • The Old Post Office, Wargrave
  • The Chocolate Theatre Café, Henley
  • Velolife, Warren Row 
  • Fernygrove Farm Café, Hawthorn Hill

4. Surrey Hills

  • The Plough Inn and Shop, Coldharbour 
  • The Milk Churn, Rudgwick
  • Tanhouse Farm Shop, Newdigate

Alternatively, you can go straight to the relevant review, by clicking on the relevant café on the map below.


Cycling café quick guide


Fancy a particular type of food, ambiance or price range? Our quick guide is for you!


Our favourite cafés based on…

1. Food/drink

Best coffee: Giro (Esher)

Best selection of cake: Dish (Hampton Court)

Best for cheese on toast: Milk Churn (Rudgwick), then Velolife (Warren Row)

Best for sausage rolls: The Shop at the Plough (Coldharbour)

Best for chocolate: The Chocolate Café (Henley)

Best for full English: The Old Post Office (Wargrave)

Best winter soups: The Medicine Gardens (Cobham)

Best for homemade treats: Beggars Banquet (Old Woking)

Table full of cake and coffee midway through a cafe rideCoffee and cake at the Milk Churn
Farm shop within a cycling cafe Shop at Tanhouse Farm café


2. Ambiance/Service

Best for winter warmth: Tanhouse Farm Shop (Newdigate)

Best summer seating: The Shop at the Plough (Coldharbour) and The Medicine Gardens (Cobham)

Best view: Eight on the River (Hampton Court)

Most comfortable: Upstairs at Pinnock’s (Ripley)

Most friendly staff: The Shop at the Plough (Coldharbour) and Beggar’s Banquet (Old Woking)

Best for large groups and slick service: The Cinnamon Café (Windsor)

Most cycle friendly: Velolife (Warren Row)

Low prices: Beggar’s Banquet (Old Woking)


Traditional cakes at Beggars Banquet Woking, a very cycling friendly cafeCakes at Beggar’s Banquet
Dawn over the river ThamesEarly morning ride to make room for coffee and cake!


(A quick note on how we’ve compiled this list of our favourite cycling cafés accessible from South West London)

Over the last five years, we’ve tried and tested a lot of cafés on our rides south and west of London.

Here are the criteria that we’ve considered on our visits:

  • is the café independently run?
  • is it a natural half way distance for an out and back ride from South West London? 
  • is it somewhere that we want to repeatedly go back to with our cycling buddies?
  • on arrival is the café cycle friendly – is it easy and safe to park bikes?
  • has the café got both comfortable outdoor and indoor seating with somewhere to warm winter gloves?
  • are the staff well-presented, engaging and welcoming?
  • does the café offer a reasonable range of food and drinks?
  • does the food and coffee taste good?
  • is the service efficient for a 30 minute turnaround?
  • is the setting of the café clean, warm and well decorated?
  • is there free internet?
  • is the price of the food and drinks reasonable?

Over to you!

What do you think of our choices?

Here are the links to the region guides again: Surrey Hills, Hampton CourtWoking and Windsor/Henley/Marlow.

If you know of a really great café we should try, please let us know in the comments below!

Tell us the name, where it is, why we should go – and if you happen to have a GPX file for a great ride nearby, so much the better!


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  1. Canela cafe Hampton court. Ride London goes right past it every year. Best coffee around. Healthy freshly cooked dishes. Friendliest staff and quirky place

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