Independent road cycling around Girona is straightforward, especially if you’ve got our free GPX downloads and ride guides. The roads are generally quiet and in good condition. Drivers are courteous, and the weather should be pretty hospitable.

But even in such a cycling friendly destination, sometimes you want more than a Garmin GPX for company.

If you’re by yourself in a new to a place or haven’t done much cycling away from home, it can be nice to have the reassurance of a guide.

The good news is that Girona has plenty of bike tour options.

Here is some information on the big names in Girona bike tours.

The who’s who of the Girona bike tours world!

Sierra Sports & Tours

Sierra Sports and Tours are based in Spain and have been running trips to the Girona region for many years.

They don’t have premises in town, but offer a great range of guided, self-guided, partially-guided and private cycling holidays in and around Girona. They can also provide bike rental to their guests.

Sierra Sports & Tours sponsor our Girona guide, where you can also find out more about what they offer.

Eat Sleep Cycle Girona

Opened in November 2016, Eat Sleep Cycle is run by British couple, Louise and Lee, who are passionate about cycling and their newfound home in Girona.

Since opening, they have moved to a large new shop. They offer fully supported tours, self-guided packages and custom tours in many destinations throughout Europe.

The Service Course

The Service Course joined the Girona bike hire and cycling holiday scene in December 2016. It’s located just over the river from the old town, opposite Hotel Nord 1901 and just down from Hotel Ciutat de Girona. Being part of the Meier empire, it has the same uber cool shine.

This is no ordinary bike shop; it’s a suave, sophisticated concept store with an emphasis on luxury and refinement. It offers a holistic experience and can arrange everything from a full holiday to a guided ride with one of their multilingual guides and support vans.

Girona Cycling SL

Not a Girona tour provider as such, but we recently worked with Girona Cycling to create this article about cycling camps in Girona province, which they run from their cycling hotel near Lake Banyoles. They also offer day rides and guiding services to those staying with them and non guests too.

Many pro teams and cycling groups stay with the owners Fiona and Gareth, who can provide all the cycling friendly facilities you might need including a library of 150 GPS routes from their front door, home-cooked meals, sports massage and bike fit services.

Bike Breaks Girona (also known as the Bike Breaks Girona Cycle Centre)

Bike Breaks, previously the best-known operator in Girona, sadly closed in July 2021.

Cycle Tours Catalonia

A local company, they have been offering cycling tours in/around Girona since 1996. They were Girona’s first cycling tour operator and they specialise in sharing their local expertise and passion for Catalonia cycling tours.

Bike Breaks suggest their former clients use Cycle Tours Catalonia.

Their operations are run from a small shop near the train station, but don’t get the wrong impression, they are one of the biggest tour operators in Girona and run hundreds of self-guided and guided tours each year.

They also get great reviews.

You can read about our trip with them here and we’ve also interviewed them about gravel riding in/around Girona.

Bike Cat

A company run by local guides. They helped Cyclist magazine for their January 2013 feature on Girona.

Tips for choosing a tour operator for your Girona cycling holidays

Here are some of our top tips for making sure your Girona cycling tours go off without a hitch.

1.  Always check what’s included

Different tour operators will have different levels of what’s included when they put together their cycling holidays in Girona. Some might only offer bed and breakfast while others may go half-board; some might have a support vehicle while others don’t offer that; some tours may include flights while others leave you to arrange your own, and so on.

It’s really important that the tour operator you pick to plan your cycling trip in Girona is upfront about what you get and what you don’t get for the price you’re paying. That way you know what you still need to budget for, or what you’ll need to arrange.

It’s no good turning up for a Girona cycling holiday if you thought a rental bike was included and it wasn’t.

2. Make sure there are no hidden fees

Similar to the above really, but it’s worth clarifying – you need to make sure that the Girona tours you book don’t have any hidden fees, and that the price you’re paying is the final, total cost. Some may claim that bike hire in Girona is included, but there may be an additional cost if you want an e-bike or hybrid, for example. Or you might be quoted a self-guided price and guided bike tours might cost extra even though it seems like you’ve paid for a guided holiday.

Just be sure to get a final price, and if the operator tries to add additional charges, refer back to the agreement you have with them.

3. Read the reviews from past cycling guests

One of the best ways to make sure your cycling holidays in Girona are worth the trip is to read the reviews of people who’ve booked with the tour operator previously. People who’ve booked Girona tours previously will tell you if they felt their package was good value, whether the hotel was a suitable choice, and how effective the support was.

Don’t trust the reviews on the company’s own website – they’re only going to post the positive ones. Instead, find independent review sites that tell you whether a tour is worth booking onto.

4. Make sure your group is happy with the plan

When booking Girona group rides, you’ll need to make sure your guided cycle tours are appropriate for everyone’s ability. It’s no fun if you’re finding the rides too easy, or if you’re the one being left behind. Planning a bike trip for a group is never easy because you have to cater to a lot of different interests and abilities, but make sure you compromise as best you can.

Your thoughts please!

Have we missed anyone? Have you been on a Girona cycling tour? What was your experience? Please let us know in the comments below.

Still undecided on whether to get a guide? Take a look at this article for more information on the pros and cons of paying for a tour.


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