If you want to train indoors, turbo trainer hire is a new alternative to buying a turbo.

Hiring a turbo trainer gives you the opportunity to try before you buy and compare models. It also means you won’t be left having to find someone to sell the indoor bike trainer to if you decide it’s not for you.

In this article we delve into the detail of turbo trainer hire. We speak to Sarah Denness who runs Turbo Trainer Hire (they’re an online business, based in Surrey but delivering nationwide). Sarah started her website in 2019 after the success of Tri Wetsuit Hire, with the same goal of making training more accessible, flexible and affordable.

In this article we pick her brains on everything you might want to know about turbo trainer hire. From hiring a turbo vs buying one to technicalities such as “direct drive” vs “wheel on”!

We start with the basics…

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What is a turbo trainer (vs. an exercise bike?)

A turbo trainer is an attachment for a bicycle, typically a road bike. It lets you ride the bike while stationary. The turbo doesn’t come with a bike – you add your own bike to it.

Like a turbo, an exercise bike is a bike you ride while stationary – but the big difference is that you don’t add the bike – it’s part of the device.

One of the big advantages of a turbo over an exercise bike is that you can ride your own, well-fitting bike. An indoor bike trainer also takes up less space than an exercise bike and smart trainers let you access virtual interactive training in a cost-efficient way.Two cyclists on turbo trainers

What is Turbo Trainer Hire?

At turbotrainerhire.co.uk we offer a range of top-quality turbo trainers for hire. We stock brands such as Wahoo, Saris and Evoc, giving affordable and flexible choices for cyclists. We also use this platform to hire power meters, bike bags, bike boxes and car racks.

Our goal is to offer an affordable and flexible hire of quality performance turbo trainers that give an outstanding indoor cycling experience while helping break the cost barrier into this kind of winter training. I also believe that having the “right” kit helps give people confidence to start in the first place.

From a sustainability perspective, rental also means cyclists can buy less and have fun with more items.

Female cyclist on a Saris turbo trainer hire

Hiring a turbo trainer vs. buying a turbo trainer?

Advantages of hire

Cost effective

Top quality turbo trainers can be pricey items to purchase outright: around £550 for the kind most of our clients go for compared with hire from £35 for two weeks.

Try before you buy

It’s particularly daunting to spend this kind of money on a new turbo trainer if you haven’t done any turbo training before. What happens if you hate it?!

Turbo hire also lets you try out multiple models. There are so many makes and models on the market to choose from, turbo trainer hire is the ultimate opportunity to try before you buy.

If you hire from us then at the end of the hire period you can choose whether to keep the turbo or buy it.


We offer door to door delivery, with flexible rental periods, from a long weekend to a full winter training to give you the time you need to achieve your fitness goals. Maybe you’re training for a one off event and are only going to want it for a particular period? Maybe you’re visiting the UK from abroad and don’t want to bring your turbo with you (they are heavy!)? Maybe you’re running a one off virtual cycling event?!

Turbo trainer hire is perfect for these kinds of situation.

Help with set up

If you haven’t set up a turbo before, it can feel a little intimidating to know where to start. Do you know the difference between a “direct drive” turbo trainer and “wheel on” turbo trainer?!

When cyclists hire from us, we help them with their set up and give them a great start on their indoor training journeys. This means that if and when they end up buying, they know what to do.

No need for storage

One of the downsides of buying is where you keep your turbo during the summer. If you’re living somewhere without much storage, where are you going to keep it?! This is where hire comes into its own – you can just send the turbo back!


If you care about the environment, there’s a lot to be said for hiring the product that you like… and only when you need it.

Disadvantages of hire


If you decide to purchase the turbo trainer you’ve hired and it is pre-loved then you should be aware there will be no warranty.

Experienced turbo trainer users with lots of space

If you’re an experienced cyclist that has a turbo and has been turboing every week for years – plus you live somewhere with tons of storage, perhaps the balance of hire v buy looks a little different! After all, many people like to hoard and have all the gear stored away in their garage collecting dust.

But for the rest of us, hire usually makes a lot of sense!

Turbo trainer hire offers flexibility

Which turbo trainer to hire?

There are three questions we always ask customers who are considering turbo trainer hire, to help ensure they pick the right turbo for their needs:

Smart training capabilities?

The first question we ask is “are you looking to train using a virtual training app?”

95% of the time customers say ‘yes’ and are looking to venture into the virtual word. This rules out hiring a basic ‘dumb’ trainer.

Direct drive or wheel on?

The next question we ask is “would you prefer a direct drive or wheel on turbo trainer?”

We follow this up with a brief explanation of each type (read more on that here) – the differences, set up, price, portability and performance.

60-70% of the time we find direct drive is the preference, especially for cyclists who are looking to purchase and want to ‘try before they buy’.

Brand preference?

We then ask customers if they have a brand preference.

We currently stock Wahoo and Saris turbo trainers; both brands have fantastic reputations as performance brands.

Wahoo have done a very good job with their brand marketing and are often more well known than Saris (who rebranded from CycleOps in 2019).

Cyclist training on a turbo trainer

Things to consider when hiring a turbo trainer

When hiring a turbo trainer there are a few things to consider depending on which type of trainer you opt for and the bike you are using with the turbo trainer.

Types of trainer

For “wheel on” trainers you need to consider your rear tyre wear and tear and your axle type (as thru axle bikes require an adapter – don’t worry we have got you covered and hire these too!)

For “direct drive” turbo trainers you need to consider your cassette and again your axle type.

Check bike compatibility

Customers are responsible for checking if the turbo they hire will be compatible with their bike – but of course our team at Turbo Trainer Hire will do our best to point you in the right direction.


We deliver turbo trainers by courier, we don’t physically come and set up the trainer for you. So be aware you do have to do some lifting and screwing! Tools (and bike trainer accessories) are not included in the hire.

That said, if you have problems, our team at Turbo Trainer Hire are on hand to help via email – and you can see from our testimonials that we do our best to help!


Memberships for online training platforms such as Zwift are not included.

Turbos are maintained

The hire equipment is sent out from our serviced and maintained pool of hire equipment. All equipment is fully cleaned, serviced and safety checked before being sent out.

If you do want a brand new, un-used turbo trainer then we offer this for an additional fee.

Consider delivery and collection timings

We deliver Monday to Fridays so do put some thought into your hire timings to make sure you are available for your hire period and get the most from it!

Close up of a turbo trainer

General tips for getting the most from your turbo hire

If you are new to turbo training or are looking to make your training more enjoyable, here are some top tips for making the most of your turbo training!

Pick your training space

Are you training somewhere with space, air circulation, somewhere you can be noisy!?

Check your set up

Make sure you set up your turbo trainer securely. The last thing you want when you are head down sprinting out an interval is to feel your bike rocking or moving. If your turbo trainer is supplied with a front wheel block use it as these help make sure your bike is sturdy, so you can cycle at full pelt without worrying about toppling over or weakening your connection with the trainer.

Use the right tyres

If you are training with a wheel on turbo, we recommend replacing your rear tyre with a turbo trainer specific tyre to stop you rear tyre ‘over heating’ and ‘wearing’ down. Remember turbo training tyres are not designed for road use.


Without the cooling airflow you create when cycling outside, turbo training sessions can get incredibly hot and sticky; you will sweat more than you thought possible. An ideal turbo training area would include a fan, or be near to an open window, as indoor training can get seriously hot.

Fuel properly

Don’t forget to look after your body when on an indoor exercise bike, in the same way you do when riding outdoors. Ensure you are properly hydrated and drinking throughout your session. Any very hard session, or any ride longer than an hour, requires carbohydrates.

Train smart

Turbo training has been totally transformed in the last ten years with the introduction of power, apps and virtual training. The sweat is still real but, like a video game, you can now enjoy a realistic ride as you navigate your way around online training courses.

Cyclist with smart turbo training

Practicalities of hire from Turbo Trainer Hire

If you’re feeling ready to give turbo training hire a go, here is the process to hire a turbo from us:

Step 1: Order online (or ring the office!)

Turbo hire starts at £20 for two weeks.

If you want delivery rather than collection, this starts at £12.99 for turbo trainer hire (next day courier delivery) and please note we only deliver within the UK.

  • Choose your hire item/s.
  • Select your hire duration and start date.
  • Fill in all your hire details (including details of your bike).

Step 2: Receive your delivery

  • You will receive delivery tracking details once your hire is on its way to you.
  • Your turbo hire item will be delivered straight to your door.
  • Item/s are delivered in reusable packaging with all return instructions.

Step 3: Enjoy your training

  • Have fun training and share your indoor cycling journey with us.

Step 4: Return or purchase

  • Return your hire item/s by a courier collection which we arrange for you or you can arrange your own return (we recommend using a tracked service).
  • Purchase ‘the ultimate try before you buy’. Subject to availability you will be able to purchase the trainer you have hired or you will be able to order a new one.
  • Extend your hire.

Next steps

If you are interested in hiring a turbo trainer then visit our website or get in touch with me, Sarah, on hello@turbotrainerhire.co.uk or 01737 823771.

You can find out more about our other hire products here:
Wetsuit hire: www.triwetsuithire.co.uk
Bike trailer hire: www.kidsbiketrailers.co.uk
Snow clothing hire: www.snowclothinghire.co.uk

Female cyclist on turbo training set up

Note from Epic Road Rides: a big thank you to Sarah for sharing these insights on turbo trainer hire. Definitely food for thought for anyone considering getting into indoor training!

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Sarah Denness

Sports-mad Sarah began her journey with the launch of Tri Wetsuit Hire in 2017 after identifying a gap in the market for triathlon wetsuit hire in the UK.

Following its success, Sarah expanded the hire-model with the introduction of www.turbotrainerhire.co.uk. Turbo Trainer Hire has hit a sweet spot with the growth of smart virtual training, fuelled by the Covid pandemic and an overnight surge in demand for Turbo Trainer Hire. More recently bike trailer hire and snow clothing hire have joined the stable of rental offerings.

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