Cyclon bike care products review: Cyclon bike cleaner, bionet, dry wax lube and instant polish wax

Cycling bike care cleaning kit in tub on ground

Cyclon Bike Care are a relatively new entrant to the busy bike cleaning product market in the UK. They were founded by Leen Boers, and they’re a much bigger, longer established name in the Netherlands (their website states Boers created their first chain lube 30 years ago).

I first came across Cyclon Bike Care at the Tour of Cambridgeshire, where Pro Bike Wash were using their products.

Despite never having heard of Cyclon, having chatted with Gareth Jones, founder of Pro Bike Wash, I became confident that if Cyclon products were good enough for Pro Bike Wash, they were probably a sound bet. So, when Gareth offered to give us a bucket of bike care products to try, I thought it was worth trying an alternative to my usual bike cleaning products – and here we are.

Full disclosure: Pro Bike Wash gave us the Cyclon Bike Care products to try, but I was under no commitment to write a review and as you’ll see, the opinions you’ll read here are honest and our own.

Cyclon bike care bucket

Cyclon bike care cleaning products laid out

Inside the Cyclon BikeCare Kit I found:

  • Cyclon Bike Cleaner spray (250 ml)
  • Cyclon Bionet (250 ml)
  • Cyclon Wax Lube (125 ml)
  • Cyclon Instant Polish Wax (100 ml)
  • Brush set
  • Cyclon Bike Care leaflets

Cyclon bike cleaner

I’ve been impressed by Cyclon’s bike cleaner. It does the job well, getting the usual kinds of dirt and grit from the road off easily and with no fuss. The cleaner has got a nice, fresh smell. Plus it comes in a bottle with a trigger spray and I’ve found that works well too.

A final selling point for anyone washing their bike on the grass or just looking for environmentally friendly bicycle products: it’s biodegradable and contains no solvents or phosphates.

Bottle cage before using Cyclon bike cleanerBottle cage before having been cleaned
Bottle cage having been cleaned with Cyclon bike cleanerBottle cage once sprayed with Cyclon bike cleaner 

Cyclon bionet

Cyclon’s bionet is fantastic – it sounds like a cliché, but it makes degreasing your bike a breeze!

Like the bike cleaner, Cyclon’s bionet is biodegradable and it also comes in a handy spray bottle. You just spray it on, leave it a moment and then wipe off the grease.

I’ve used it on my chain, derailleur and brakes and it’s done a great job. If you were going for a thorough clean, I imagine it would do the job on all those grease susceptible places: crank, fork, tyres, spokes etc.

Cassette before cleaning with Cyclon bionetBefore…
Cassette once cleaned with Cyclon bionet…and after! (PS yes, I know it’s a triple – I decided to use my very old bike as it was the dirtiest!)

Cyclon wax lube

Having cleaned your chain with the bionet, it’s time to get out the lube. This is designed to remove moisture and protect the chain against corrosion. The nozzle of the bottle makes it easy to apply Cyclon’s dry wax lube and it’s a good consistency so it doesn’t drip off.

Once applied, I find it doesn’t last that long, but that could be a characteristic of all wax lubes (I’ve previously tended to use a spray lube).

For those that want lube to take abroad with them, this small bottle is a convenient choice – and will keep the airlines happy too (they don’t like gas canisters very much – more on that here).

Applying Cyclon wax lube to a chain
Applying Cyclon wax lube to a chain with red bottle

Cyclon instant polish wax

Cyclon’s instant polish wax is designed to “protect the varnish, metal and synthetic parts of the bicycle bringing back the original shine”. It says it gives a transparent finish (and works on matt finishes too), prevents dirt sticking to your bike and gives optimal protection to the bike’s surfaces. The product says it’s suitable for painted and chromed surfaces, carbon, aluminium, rubber and plastics.

Sounds good, but I have to admit, I haven’t given this a thorough road test yet. I tested a small patch on my top tube and it seemed to bring it up well. However, if I’m honest, I’ve been a put off by the health warning on the bottle, part of which reads “IF INHALED: Remove victim to fresh air and keep at rest in a position comfortable for breathing.” During my test I found that it’s quite difficult not to inhale the spray, even if you’re outside. In better news, I suffered no apparent adverse consequences!

Have you used this? Let me know what you thought!

Cyclon instant wax spray bottle
Cyclon instant spray wax on top tube

The rest!

There’s room for improvement with the quality of the information in the leaflets that come with the products – they’re really just marketing info on the product range. It’s no problem if you’re experienced with bike cleaning, and there are brief details of how to use each product in small writing on the side of each bottle (other than the lube where you’d have to look at the website if you weren’t sure), but a bit more of a “how to use this” guide would be helpful.

Finally, including brushes in the bucket is a nice touch and I found the bristled brush effective for chain cleaning.

Cyclon bike care cleaning kit: Conclusion

This is a useful starter pack that introduces you to Cyclon products at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Though the bottles included aren’t that big, the products are good quality and should still last you a while.


  • Quality products that work
  • Good value compared to other names in the market


  • Room for improvement in the instructions on use
  • Nitpicking now as really, who cares what bike cleaning products look like: packaging doesn’t look as good as other brands

What do you think of Cyclon bike care products?


Let us know your thoughts and any questions: get in touch!

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