Adding some cycling art to your home is a great way of bringing your personality into your décor.

Cycling prints can serve as a customised reminder of a favourite ride or cycling holiday, while bike paintings or a cycling sculpture can add an accent to your home that reflects your love of cycling.

The pieces we’ve picked out here include a mix of vintage cycling prints and more modern cycling artwork. Some of the bicycle paintings are originals while others are prints – less exclusive, but a lot more affordable. And everything in this list is available for delivery in the UK.

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1. Bike paintings and wall art

Original bike paintings (watercolour or pen and ink) – Michael Valenti

Valenti Giro Original Cycling Paintings on canvas
cycling prints of Valenti Giro 2021 Maglia Rosa in a frame

Michael Valenti cycling art is dramatic, but his pieces also have a real sense of the fun and the community of cycling. Michael works both in his studio and on location, visiting events to capture the spirit of races. His style is both beautiful and almost classical newspaper cartoon-esque at times. If you’re looking for cycling paintings that will look impressive but retain a true sense of personality, he has some wonderful choices available. A cyclist painting like his makes a fun and very special gift.

More info

Available sizes: Most watercolours are 12 x 18 or 18 x 24 inches but some pieces vary in size

Estimated price: $175 (around £150) for most

Estimated shipping cost to the UK: £47 (flat rate of $55)

Buy here

Cyclist watercolour – Veronika Pozdnyakova (VerPaxArt)

cycling prints Cyclist Watercolour
cycling prints of Watercolor Cyclist Girl Poster in a White Frame

Don’t be put off by the smaller size of this bicycle art painting. This 100% original watercolour is bold and powerful, evoking feelings of adventure and discovery on the road ahead. Framed it would look great among other smaller pieces on your wall, or as a reminder on your desk that soon the work day will be over and it’ll be time to ride. Not as well known (yet) as other cycling artists, so snap one up cheap while you still can.

More info

Available sizes: 5.5 x 5.5 inches

Estimated price: £17

Estimated shipping cost to the UK: Free

Buy here

Watercolour bike wall art – CocoMilla

cycling prints Watercolour bike wall art
cycling prints of Watercolour bike wall art Poster in a Black Frame

If you’re looking for something more affordable than an original bike art painting, then cycling art prints might be a better choice. And this stunning watercolour print by CocoMilla is simple and yet fantastically vibrant. It’s stylish, modern and great if you’re a fan of contemporary cycling art. It’ll definitely brighten up any wall in your home.

More info

Available sizes: Various, from 5 x 7 inches to 33 x 46 inches

Estimated price: £11 to 130 (depending on size and whether paper/canvas etc)

Estimated shipping cost to the UK: Free

Buy here

2. Cycling prints

We have a whole article dedicated to cycling prints and posters; here we’ve highlighted three of our favourite mountain cycling prints from works by a bicycle artist who uses graphics.

Alpe d’Huez print – Michael Valenti

cycling prints of Alpe d’Huez
cycling prints of Alpe d’Huez in a Black Frame

This Alpe d’Huez vintage poster print perfectly captures the challenge of this famous climb. Hanging an Alpe d’Huez poster in your home demonstrates your love of this legendary mountain and your passion for cycling in general. The classic art style of this print will add a touch of class to your home. It’s another great Valenti piece and a wonderful example of how art deco cycling posters can look really stylish but tell a story too. This also proves it doesn’t have to be a cycling painting to be art.

More info

Available sizes (inches): 12 x 18, 20 x 30, 24 x 36, 30 x 45 inches

Estimated price: $85 to $450 (£70 to £380 approx)

Estimated shipping cost to the UK: £47 (flat rate of $55)

Buy here

Stelvio Pass personalised print – The English Cyclist

cycling prints of Stelvio Pass Poster
cycling prints of Passo Dello Stelvio Poster on the wall

The Stelvio pass is on many a cycling bucket list. This dramatic landscape is home to the second-highest paved mountain pass in the Alps, and this artwork really encapsulates what makes it so breathtaking. Whether you’ve ticked it off the list already or you aspire to tackle it one day, this cycling poster art can serve as a happy reminder or inspiration.

More info

Available sizes: A4 (21 x 29.7cm) A3 (29.7 x 43cm) or A2 (42 x 59.4cm)

Estimated price: £20 (A4), £28 (A3), £38 (A2)

Estimated shipping cost to the UK: Standard £2, Express £8

Buy here

Mont Ventoux profile print – Welsh Prints Store

cycling prints of Mont Ventoux Vaison La Romaine Art
cycling prints of Mont Ventoux Vaison La Romaine Art in a Square Black Frame

Another cycling art print dedicated to a famous ride, this details the Mont Ventoux route in the form of a graph. It’s super stylised, capturing the notable markers, the distance of the ride and the elevation. You can also get this print personalised if you want to, ideal if you’re gifting this cool bike art to another cycling enthusiast that has completed this route themselves.

More info

Available sizes: A4 (21 x 29.7cm)

Estimated price: £22

Estimated shipping cost to the UK: £2

Buy here

3. Personalised cycling prints

Personalised cycling route map – The English Cyclist

Best Cycling Routes in The World Art
Best Cycling Routes in The World Prints

These bicycle posters and prints are a great way of commemorating a challenge you’ve overcome or celebrating a friend’s achievement. You can create an exact cycling route print using data from either your Strava account or another GPX. There’s a guide on how to access someone else’s data too if you’re planning a gift. They look great and you can’t get a more personalised print than a map with your specific route. Better for fans of minimalism than paintings of cyclists, surely.

More info

Available sizes: A3 (29.7 x 43cm) or A2 (42 x 59.4cm)

Estimated price: From £35

Estimated shipping cost to the UK: Free

Buy here

Personalised cycling maps – Pecage

cycling prints Personalised cycling maps
cycling prints of Tour de France 2021 Wall Art in a Wood Frame

These bicycle art prints are personalised in quite a different way to those from The English Cyclist above. They also offer a lot more variety of styles of print to choose from, with various sizes and types on offer. Just choose your preferred one and add the data for your start and end points or the whole route, depending on the style. Alongside the cycling art posters there are even personalised greetings cards with cycling routes. This makes great road or mountain bike art.

More info

Available sizes: Various depending on chosen print

Estimated price: £26

Estimated shipping cost to the UK: Free

Buy here

Custom cycling illustration – Pip J Rune

cycling prints Custom cycling illustration
cycling prints of Custom cycling illustration

Perfect for a gift, these fun cycling illustrations are completely custom-made to include you (in your actual kit) and your specific bike. It’s important to note that the cycle artist sends this particular bike artwork as an email file, but you can print your own cycling poster at home (or pay extra for a print to be included).

More info

Available sizes: Digital art file, although A4 or A3 prints are available

Estimated price: £65 for art file, £10-15 extra for a print

Estimated shipping cost to the UK: Free

Buy here

4. Cycling sculpture

Racing cyclist sculpture – LIUNOVIP (via Amazon)

Not every bike artist focuses on painting or prints. This metal bicycle sculpture is made from cast iron and depicts a racing cyclist in full flow. It’s a high-quality item that, at this size, would look great on your desk or at the centre of a fireplace, (perhaps flanked by framed cycling prints?!). If you’re looking for modern cycling art then this bike sculpture certainly fits the bill.

More info

Available sizes: 18.5 x 3 x 13.5cm

Estimated price: Under £25 but check Amazon as price varies

Estimated shipping cost to the UK: Free

Buy here

Cycling figurines – DeskTopPeloton

Cycling figurines
cycling prints of Cycling Figure World Champion

If you like your cycling art sculpture to look a little more realistic, then these figurines representing famous competitors could be just the ticket. Each handcrafted metal bike sculpture represents a different cyclist – Fausto Coppi, Greg Lemond or Eddy Merckx for example. They’re hand-painted and extremely detailed, great for any pro cycling fans. Another form of cycle artwork to consider?

More info

Available sizes: Varies by model, around 6 x 5 cm

Estimated price: £25 to 35

Estimated shipping cost to the UK: £3.50 to 4.50

Buy here

Metal bike wall art – Dekadron

If you’re more interested in metal bicycle wall art, then this piece may be perfect. It’s a clean and simple bicycle art sculpture in the middle of a gear design, made from steel with a black textured powder coating that looks modern and is resistant to damage such as chipping. It’s also got a simple hanger on the back that just needs a single nail, so it’s easy to install above your desk or fireplace.

More info

Available sizes (cm): 45 x 45, 60 x 60, 71 x 71, 90 x 90

Estimated price: £64 to £129

Estimated shipping cost to the UK: Free

Buy here

5. Other cycling art

Bike cufflinks or necklace – English Cufflinks

Silver cufflinks with cyclist and bicycle
Silver cyclist pendant necklace

In this case you get to wear your bike art, as art meets cufflinks and a necklace pendant! So you get to represent your love of the sport even when dressed formally. The modern solid sterling silver design is minimalist in style but hand-made to ensure it is finished in the highest quality. Discreet, but a clear reminder of how important cycling is to you or the lucky person you’re giving these as a gift. And gives metal bike art a whole new meaning.

More info

Available sizes: Cufflinks – 20mm. Pendant – 45cm chain.

Estimated price: Cufflinks – £96. Pendant – £68

Estimated shipping cost to the UK: Free

Buy cufflinks here
Buy pendant here

Bike hangar – KP Cyclery

Wall bike hanger unique cycling gift
Cycling wall storage solution unique gift for a cyclist

Instead of buying cycling art canvas or vintage bicycle posters to decorate your room, why not turn your actual bike into your own cycling wall art? This hanger is easy to install and can comfortably support the weight of a bike, which not only looks great but helps to keep it out of the way too. Just make sure you clean it after every ride before hanging it up again! Why hunt around for famous cycling paintings when you could give something far more practical?

More info

Available sizes: 41 x 33 x 28cm (though the depth can be adjusted from 28 to 37cm)

Estimated price: EUR 120-150 (Around £105 to £135)

Estimated shipping cost to the UK: Free

Buy here

Bike Clock – Vyconic

Who says that bicycle art can’t be functional? This clock is a great example of metal bike wall art – a converted bike wheel that is a fully working timepiece. They’re custom made, so you can ask for different finishes on both the hub hands and the sprockets to suit your décor, while other sizes of wheel can be used too if you prefer. Another practical alternative to paintings of bicycles.

More info

Available sizes: 17 inch diameter

Estimated price: £39

Estimated shipping cost to the UK: £7

Buy here

Bike hook – Nailedup

Cycle Helmet hanger of NailedUp
Metal Bike Art Cycle Helmet hanger

This handmade metal bike art comes in three different styles, all made from recycled gears and other cycle parts. It’s also a handy hook that you can use for holding up a coat, a hat or – of course – a cycling helmet. The designs are simple but attractive, finished in a silver/grey metallic colour and they’re extremely lightweight, but sturdy enough to easily hold a helmet once installed. Another functional type of cyclist art here.

More info

Available sizes: Around 18 x 10 x 8cm, though each piece is unique

Estimated price: £30

Estimated shipping cost to the UK: £4

Buy here

Have we missed your favourite cycling artist?

Let us know in the comments below!

In the meantime, we hope this list has been useful (we certainly enjoyed putting it together) and happy shopping!

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