Cycling is the kind of sport whose addictive powers mean that it’s usually a big part of the cyclist’s life. As such, a cycling-focused gift is a great choice.

But put “best gifts for cyclists” or “gifts for bike lovers” into Google and you soon find yourself wading through long lists of potential options (and a lot of rubbish too)…

To try and help you reduce the research time, we asked our readers, and six cycling industry experts, to share the things they think would make great gifts for cyclists. We’ve selected the best of their ideas to create this “top 10” list.

Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift for a cyclist or just general cyclist gift ideas, we hope you find something the cyclist in your life loves!

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1. Performance bike fit

Cyclist bike fit makes an excellent gift idea
Performance bike fit with matt bottrill makes a great cycling gift

Jenny Lucas is a triathlete and blogger at She says: “Struggling with gift ideas for the cyclist in your life who already has all the gear, gadgets and lycra they could dream of?

Give the gift of aerodynamics instead! Not the most obvious of gifts for cycling enthusiasts, perhaps, but one they’re sure to treasure!

Whether they’re looking to up their game at their local time trial, or training for their next Ironman – a bike fit that well… fits, can really help riders to find that extra 1% and avoid giving away speed.

With Matt Bottrill’s performance bike fit, you’ll receive the very best in aerodynamics coupled with specific drills and sessions to ensure the position you find on the bike in the workshop is actually transferable to the road. An afternoon talking bikes with one of the best in the business, plus all the aero-gains to geek out over? What more could you want.

More info

Packages start from £220 

2. Personalised cyclist illustration

Personalised cycling print Mont Ventoux and cyclist

Andy Gorman, Operations Director of Stolen Goat, has come up with the most unique cycling gift on our list. It’s a personalised print by Pip Claffey of Rune Creative.

Andy says “At Stolen Goat we are very lucky that we get to do something we love while collaborating with some amazingly creative people. One of the artists we’ve worked with in recent years is the wonderful Pip Claffey of Rune-Creative.

Pip is a graphic designer with a passion for all things cycling. We recently ran a raffle in our Facebook group and Pip kindly offered one of the prizes: a personalised illustration of a cyclist in their favourite Stolen Goat kit alongside their bike.

As soon as you asked me what gift I’d love someone to buy me, Pip’s illustration was the first thing I thought of. I wish I’d won that raffle we ran!” Unique gifts for cyclists surely don’t come more highly recommended than that.

More info

Check out Pip’s illustrations (and some of our other favourite cycling art) here.

3. Cycling clock

Bike wall clock

This gorgeous clock is made from a bike wheel with chainset decoration.

We love these as road cycling gifts and think it looks really stylish. So much so that we’ve bought it ourselves as a gift for a cyclist friend!

The clock mounts directly to the wall through the centre of the wheel. It has a quarz clock mechanism.

More Info

£65 from Vyconic. Free UK delivery.

4. Cycle pump

Topeak cycle pump is a graet gift idea for cyclists

Casper is an avid cyclist, who loves to ride (he also has a great Instagram account!). He recommends the Topeak Mini Rocket pump.

Casper says “Stop using CO2 canisters for your punctures! This is lighter, and never fails you. Compact and practical presents for bike lovers don’t get any better.

How I found out: Once upon a time I got a flat tyre in the North of France, in the rain, in the middle of nowhere. My CO2 cartridge blew air everywhere except for in my tire. A car had to pick me up.

After that I looked for a small, lightweight mini-pump. And I found it in this Topeak Micro Rocket! It weighs only 65 grams, is tiny, does the job well and even looks cool. Because I want my bike to look ‘clean’, I put it in my back pocket. But it’s supplied with a simple frame mount as well.”

More info

You can buy this pump in aluminium (RRP £22) or, marginally lighter, in carbon (£RRP £36).

5. Cycling gloves

Stolen goat cycling gloves in black with orange motif
Stolen goat cycling gloves are one of the best gifts for cyclist available

If you’re looking for practical cycling present ideas, Jenny Lucas says “There are two things that ruin a perfectly epic winter bike ride:

1) Frozen fingers

2) Dropping your mid-ride snacks before they make it from your jersey pocket to your cake hole, because the gloves you’ve had to wear to fend off the aforementioned frozen fingers are more like oven mitts and give you a severe case of lobster hands.

Thankfully, Stolen Goat’s ‘Climb & Conquer’ range now includes a pair of winter gloves that are as svelte and finger-fitting as they are warm, windproof and waterproof. They also feature a grippy silicone pattern on the palm, so there’s no slipping and sliding on your bars when the heavens open, and touchscreen finger tips for that all important check of google maps for the nearest café stop.

Goodbye frozen fingers, hello being able to merrily scoff bites of flapjack with maximum dexterity.” Decent gloves make the best presents for cyclists who ride in winter!

More info

Stolen Goat Climb & Conquer 4-Season Waterproof Cycling Gloves RRP £35

6. Original cycling painting

Michael Valenti cycling artist

Michael is a hugely talented artist who is well-known for his unique cycling prints that capture the history and passion behind the world’s best known cycling climbs and cycling events such as the Tour de France.

Michael also offers you the chance to buy your own original artwork from pen and ink drawings and watercolours to large scale canvases. He also takes commissions if you want a gift for bikers that really stands out.

If you’re after a special gift for a cyclist, this could be it.

More info

Take a more detailed look at Michael’s original paintings here.

7. Cycling coffee table book

Mountains by Michal Blann front cover
Mountains by Michal Blann view of the Tourmalet

This is quite simply the most beautiful cycling coffee table book we’ve ever owned (and we own a few, as you can imagine!). Books make some of the top presents for bikers, yet are relatively inexpensive.

It’s filled with Michael Blann’s jaw-dropping photography of cyclists in incredible mountain vistas. It includes photos of some of Europe’s best-known and loved mountains, such as Ventoux, Alpe d’Huez and the Passo Giau, to slightly less mainstream gems such as Col de la Bonette and the Gotthard Pass.

The photos are complimented by beautifully written essays by 30+ famous cyclists, including Geraint Thomas, Stephen Roche and Sean Kelly.

This book is bound to capture the imagination of the cyclist in your life, and inspire future adventures.

More info

Buy the book on Amazon

Read our interview with Michael.

Check out more of our favourite cycling books here.

8. Coffee maker

It’s a well-known fact that cyclists love their coffee. So if you’re looking for a cool gift that your cyclist is actually going to want, how about a portable coffee maker for that next cycling trip?

We at Epic Road Rides are big fans of Aeropress coffee makers, because they make great coffee that’s smooth and rich, without any bitterness. We also like the small, light and easily portable design – so much so that we often take the regular size one on holiday with us.

So you can imagine how pleased we were to find that Aeropress had launched a new travel version. The advantage of this is that you get the Aeropress quality coffee experience but in a more compact size that includes a drinking mug that doubles as the carrying case.

If the cyclist in your life loves coffee, you’ll definitely want to check this out. As gifts for bike riders who can’t do without caffeine, this is highly recommended.

More info

Buy the Aeropress Go on Amazon.

9. A bundle of the small things cyclists never have enough of

Christmas stocking filler gift for cyclists
Christmas stocking filler gift for cyclists

Dave runs Pro Cycling Outlet. He says “Buying presents for avid riders is always hard. Like many slightly obsessed cyclists, I tend to always buy the thing I really want straight away, so buying a particular item can be hard. It’s a “what do you get for the cyclist who has everything” situation, plus non cyclists always run the risk of not getting the right brand/size/compatible item, which can be a minefield. For example, you don’t want to buy a campag shifter for a rider who has Shimano!

So a good and safe option if you’re looking for good presents for cyclists are the things we riders always need and use up all the time: water bottles, tubes, caps, socks etc – perhaps not super exciting but always well received and useful. Also, importantly, a safe purchase hopefully less fraught with potential errors for the uninitiated!”

Not the most exciting of gifts for a cyclist, granted, but items like this are guaranteed to get used.

More info

Pro Cycling Outlet are selling Christmas packs for 20 euros containing

1 pair of Cannondale POC socks (RRP 10€)
1 Cannondale Cycling cap (RRP 12€)
2 Cannondale Camelbak Podium bidons (RRP 10€ per bidon)

There’s also the option to buy a pack containing these things plus a cycling jersey, for 50 euros.

10. Cycling print

Cycling print showing tour de france winners is a popular cycling gift
cycling print with TdF winners makes a great gift for cyclists

Monty writes the excellent Sportive Cyclist blog (complete with YouTube channel).

He says “Like many people, 2020 saw my home office become my … office office.

There is the odd nod to cycling. My RideLondon medals hang from screws into the side of my bookshelf. Geraint in yellow is over my right shoulder, surging up the final metres of the 2018 Alpe.

For my birthday, a pal bought me a poster from the English Cyclist, showing all the Tour de France winner’s jerseys from 1903. I bought a frame and it’s up on the wall above my computer monitors.

For Christmas this year, I’d like Father Velomas to bring me another English Cyclist poster. There’s plenty of (off)white space on the wall. Maybe the one with all the tools or the Tour de France route map.

Anything that keeps me in the zone whilst I face the cross winds and the HC climbs of the working day.”

Clearly this is one of the presents for cyclists he truly treasures!

More info

Check out English Cyclist’s posters here (from £18).

Honorary mention: Time for a ride with a friend

Cyclist in the mountains @askmatthi

When writing this article, we also asked our readers what the best cycling gift they’ve ever received is.

@AsKMatthi replied to say: a special ride with a good friend, since nowadays the thing we lack most is time. The photo above is his and certainly reflects the kind of ride we’d like to go on with a friend.

It’s a nice note to end this article on!

Happy gift hunting!

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