• Distance 118 km
  • Elevation gain 3160m
  • Difficulty
  • Epic rating

In this article we speak to Quim Vizcaíno, a keen cyclist who is passionate about making it easier for visitors to discover the cycling in and around Barcelona region. Quim has proposed this route in Bergueda as part of his guide to cycling in the Barcelona region. He says:

The Berguedà region of Barcelona province has a long tradition of mining, which is of course a notoriously tough and challenging occupation.

This cycling route is based on a cycling tour created in 2014 by a group of cycling enthusiasts from local mining communities. They saw the spirit of cycling, as a sport with a strong connection with challenge and ​​sacrifice, and drew a parallel with the kind of traits required by miners. The route was created to pay humble tribute to the men and women who suffered and struggled to make a living in the mines of Alt Berguedà for more than a hundred years.

The route includes six significant climbs:  Coll de la Mina, Coll de Port, Coll de Josa, Coll de la Trapa, El Pradell and the Fumanya pass.

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Route notes

Departing from Berga (at the parking lot south of the city), the route goes through the city of Berga until it reaches the road to Santa Magdalena pass and later to the road leading to Sant Llorenç de Morunys.

From the start there’s challenge, with the Coll de Jouet – also known as El Coll de la Mina, – a constant ascent of 12 km to reach the tunnel of the mine. Once reached, the road goes down to the bridge of Llinars. This section of the route leads to La Josa del Cavall dam through rugged cliffs, majestic mountains and the intense bright blue colour of the water.

The next major waymark is the charming village of Sant Llorenç de Morunys. It’s a good place to take a break and admire the lovely Romanesque church or just grab a bite to eat. If you’re feeling strong, there is an interesting diversion of 5km to reach the sanctuary of Our Lady of Lord, from where the views are simply breathtaking.

Leaving behind Sant Llorenç de Morunys, you come to the second challenge: the climb to El Coll del Port at 1,669 meters. In just 20 km, the elevation gain is 900 metres! From here you descend towards the tiny village of Tuixent, known for the traditional herbal remedies.

The route continues all the way down, running along the river Josa, which leads the way to the third pass, the Coll de Josa and welcomes riders to the charming village of Gòsol, where Pablo Picasso spent some time. Gòsol is a gorgeous enclave surrounded by spectacular mountain ranges, such as the Serra d’Ensija and the mighty Pedraforca does. This iconic summit remains a feature of the landscape on the way to Saldes.

The route passes Sorribes, l’Espà and Feners and reaches the Coll de la Trapa. There’s then a deviation that presents a new challenge, the Coll del Pradell. It’s a climb of 7 km with an elevation gain of 400 m.

After El Pradell, there’s a steep descent towards the Pla de la Barraca. There we will confront the last challenge of the route, the short climb of El Coll de Fumanya, (of just 200 meters). With the previous miles and climbing in your legs, it can feel quite a challenge, but after this point everything gets easier as the road drops down to Fígols, Sant Corneli, and Cercs.

From Cercs, and after the old power plant at la Rodonella, it’s just a matter of taking the road C-1411z, so avoiding the busier C-16, to return to Berga. Enjoy the journey through Santa Magdalena pass and the charming streets of Berga.


For further information about the route, please visit https://www.elbergueda.cat/en/descobreix/by-bicycle/bike-touring.htm

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Quim Vizcaíno is a Barcelona local who loves outdoor activities, especially mountain ones. He has been a freelance tour guide in Barcelona city and its region since 2013, driven by his passion for sharing the region’s heritage, nature and outdoors possibilities. He also works for Barcelona’s tourism board, sharing and promoting the region’s endless possibilities for sports in general and cycling in particular.

Quim says “Everyone knows about Barcelona as a city, but beyond the city limits, there is a vast universe of counties, landscapes, nature parks and roads ready to be discovered and enjoyed. I’ve made sharing my region my personal goal and devoted myself to spread a simple message that Barcelona is much more!”

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